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New to Bankruptcy #1

Are you new to the bankruptcy field and do not know where to start?

Here is a tip.

Go to the Nolo Press’s website and get the “How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy” from Nolo Press. The 19th Edition was written by Albin Renauer and Cara O'Neill. This is a layperson’s guide to chapter 7 bankruptcy. Written in easy to understand terms, it will give you an idea of the basic forms and procedures to the practice.

Of course there is much more to the practice, but this introduction is a start. This book can be found at most law libraries or purchased from Nolo Press or on Amazon.

My secret, when I started in bankruptcy practice in the 1990’s, was I picked up a copy and that lead to finding other resources that were more legal-like. That is where I started.

Would I rely on a layperson’s book for the Law? “No”. However it lead me to where I wanted to go as a primer. Then I dug into the laws and bankruptcy code later.

I walked before I could run.

Practice Pointer:

A potential client comes into your office. How do you find out about the person sitting before you or over a zoom call or on the telephone? This is the question to ask when the person says she wants to file bankruptcy.

Why do you want to file bankruptcy?

A simple and straight forward question. But the answer gives you insight into the prospective client.

If you ask why she wants to file a bankruptcy and she says she lost her job and cannot afford to pay the bills, that answer is different in tone and context from “ the family law Judge said I have to pay my husband alimony, and I do not want to do it. I want to “bankrupt my ex.”

The first answer is do-able, the second answer may not be legally possible nor is the intention to get even with someone a justifiable reason to file bankruptcy.

Place this question in your back pocket and you will gain insight into a potential


Bankruptcy law is many things, but it is not an answer to all problems.

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