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Local Bankruptcy Organizations

When I start my bankruptcy journey, I was employed at a small firm in Riverside, CA and the owner knew about chapter 7 bankruptcy. He and his secretary taught me what they knew, but it was limited to their experience. They had only seen a handful of cases at the time. To increase my bankruptcy knowledge I had to do legal research and to meet other lawyers in the field.

My true education began when I joined the Inland Empire Bankruptcy Forum. This is an organization of local attorneys and Bankruptcy Judges that deals with the issues in Riverside and San Bernardino County.

In the 1990’s this organization met in San Bernardino,CA and put on seminars about issues in the consumer bankruptcy law. Most of what they talked about was over my head, but I went because little by little I began to meet people. We met for dinner and I could ask questions of long time practitioners. My simple questions led me to learn from lawyers who had spent years in the field.

They could tell me what I needed to know, or at least point me in the right direction. Every month or so, there would be a dinner meeting and I would sit at a different table in the audience. I met many people and learned from the speakers. Then once a year the IEBF had a Saturday event in which there would be a recap of the new cases in bankruptcy law. The local Judges would speak on the new cases and laws that effected the bankruptcy practice.( The next IEBF event is September 12, 2020 at 8:30 am, The 27th Annual Survey of Consumer Bankruptcy Law.)

The organization has moved to Riverside, CA now and in recent times has started doing Zoom presentations. When the Covid issues recede, the meeting will go back to live presentations. If you are in the Inland Empire, I suggest you join the IEBF. Visit for more information.

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