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We teach attorneys and staff step-by-step the Basics of Bankruptcy


Every Attorney Deserves to Benefit from the Federal Power of Bankruptcy Law

But there's a problem...

  • You don’t know the potential hazards

  • You don’t know where to start

  • The trial and error process stops you in your tracks

  • You don’t have a mentor to guide you through new procedures

  • Nobody has given you a plan

  • You don’t have time to train your staff yourself

BKmike has everything you need to develop yourself and your team all in one place. Our step-by-step approach saves you time, energy and money.

Post COVID-19 will bring a tsunami of Bankruptcy cases. Don't get left behind!

BKmike’s Courses Teach You The Basics of Bankruptcy

Save Time

  • Avoid trial and error because the plan is laid out for you

  • Have a system where you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time

  • 24/7 access to the content

Increase Revenue

  • Keep your attorney fee instead of referring it out the door

  • Keep the clients

  • Keep your clients’ referrals

  • Increase your business

Peace of Mind

  • Learn how to spot the red flags

  • Learn how to avoid dangerous people

  • Have your questions answered

  • Learn where to find the answers

  • Know you’re doing it right


Your Plan to start your Bankruptcy Practice 

Select Package

Learn The System

Increase Revenue

BKmike offers a variety of packages to meet your needs.

24 practice pointer-filled videos to get you going (and let you in on some secrets!)

Keep those Bankruptcy clients rather than referring them out the door!

BKmike - The Bankruptcy Guy!

  "I know what it is like to have clients ready to pay me for legal services I cannot provide. I know what it is like to refer the client and his money out the door. And I know what it feels like to lack confidence while jumping into a new area of law.

That’s why I’ve created SIMPLE, EASY TO UNDERSTAND bankruptcy practice systems to help you succeed."
mikehs9 copy.jpeg
  • 25 Years of experience in Bankruptcy Law 

  • Represented clients at thousands of Bankruptcy hearings

  • Understand what the Chapter 7 Trustees expect

  • Consulted on hundreds of “new-to-bankruptcy” attorney’s petitions

  • Helped hundreds of attorneys get their bankruptcy practice up and running

  • Know the red flags to avoid with new clients

  • Legal education to grow your practice



"Mike's seminars are very INSIGHTFUL and always MAKE ABSOLUTE SENSE in terms of the principles behind what is being taught and the application.  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND his seminars and workshops to anyone interested in improving their BANKRUPTCY KNOWLEDGE and in getting a better understanding as to WHAT THE JUDGES AND TRUSTEES WANT and/or looking for in the paperwork.   I am ALWAYS extremely grateful and appreciative after having the opportunity to attend any of Mike’s seminars or workshops.  Keep up the good work!! "

-Rowena D.







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